Food Idioms

50 popular food idioms and sayings: 

An apple a day keeps the doctor away: eating an apple a day will keep you healthy


Bring home the bacon: to earn an income, bring home money


Gravy train: to have it easy


Hard nut to crack: difficult personality


A piece of cake : when something is easy to do.

Butter me up: to flatter someone in the hopes they will do you a favor


Bread and butter: go to together well


The big cheese: very important person


Selling like hotcakes: very popular, selling a lot of something


Cherry pick: to hand pick something in your favor

What’s cookin… good lookin…?: how are things/ what’s happening

Cool as a cucumber: very calm and collected


Something’s fishy: something seems odd or unusual

 A Fish out of water: a person who is out of place seems uncomfortable or doesn’t know how to act

Couch potato: being lazy


Nuttier than a fruitcake: crazy or mad


Don’t cry over spilled milk: no reason to get upset over something simple


Bigger fish to fry: there are more important things to worry about


Icing on the cake: the one thing that pushes you over the edge.


Making lemonade out of lemons: turn a negative into a positive


As flat as a pancake: something is very flat


As slow as molasses: someone is very very slow at doing a task


She’s/he’s a bad apple: rotten, not a good person


Big enchilada: important person, the boss


Cooked my goose: got yourself in trouble


Cream puff: soft, or sensitive


Cream of the crop: the best of the best


Not my cup of tea: something you’re not interested in or good at.


Got egg on your face: got caught doing wrong


Feast or famine: you either have it all or you have nothing


Food for thought: something to think about


Forbidden fruit: something that is forbidden or taboo


Go bananas: go crazy


Full of beans: telling a story


In a pickle: in a difficult situation


Bun in the oven: pregnant


Cheesy: silly


Have your cake and eat it too: getting everything you want


Don’t put all your eggs into one basket: don’t count on just one thing, diversify your efforts.

Use your noodle: use your brain


Spill the beans: tell what you know


Not for all the tea in China: won’t do it for anything


Chew the fat: make casual conversation


Don’t cut the mustard: don’t do something that produces no effect.


Eat humble pie: apologize when you are wrong


He/she fell off the turnip truck: not smart

Take it with a grain of salt: don’t take what they say seriously, probably not true.


Like nailing jello to a wall: an impossible task


Packed like sardines: crowded


Piece of Cake: Easy

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