Redneck laughter

by Whitney underwood
(Lafollette tn)

Crazier than madea

Stupider than a peanut shell

Redneck if u compare your brain to a pea

Redneck if u yell at the person drivin next to ya to move their hunk of junk when your in a ford with no seatbelts doors and a different colored hood than the rest of your car

Redneck If your wind sheild is strips of cling wrapp

Redneck if your alarm system on your house is a dog food bowl and a size 13 boots with a note on the door thats says ” be back later gettin amo and dog food for killer”

Redneck if your parties involve a burning couch and some loaded weapons

Redneck if yor birthday cake is a twinkie with a cigerratte through it

Redneck if the bed of your sons truck is in this bedroom with a matress in it used for a bed frame

Redneck if your daughter calls fire ants pee ants infront of her teacher

Redneck if you fly a rebel flag in your yard

Redneck if your wive’s finger nails are guns and camo

Redneck if you tell your kids at christmas that Rudolph is on your truck hood

Redneck if you enjoy watching monster trucks crush smart cars

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